The Impacts of Air Conditioning on Our Health

Humans have been required to adjust to the long-term temperature rise as a result of global warming. Long-term temperature rises are associated with extreme weather events such as heatwaves, cold spells, heavy rainfall, and storms. Installation of air conditioning, as well as heating and ventilation, in areas and residential buildings around the world is one adjustment to climate events.


The Negative Side

Existing understanding of the health effects caused by air conditioning is derived from studies on office employees or workout heat illness. Furthermore, artificial experimental designs on climatic influence factors on physiology have been carried out. But besides this, evidence on the influence of air conditioning on health is limited, and there is a lack of understanding of how the processes affect a person’s health status.


Also, those who have recently suffered from respiratory illnesses may experience increased clinical uneasiness as a result of air conditioning. There is a risk of symptoms adversely affecting cases of chronic respiratory problems. Furthermore, cold air may cause chest problems due to increased pulmonary inflammation, which works in conjunction with other trigger factors such as infection, contaminant inhalation, and air irritants. In some cases, these respiratory illnesses can be caused by damaged air conditioners. That’s why it is always necessary to also have regular cleaning and maintenance for your air conditioning systems. If you find difficulty in looking for companies that have these service aircons, you can find a lot on the internet.

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Moreover, exposure to very cold air from air conditioning units in healthy people can cause changes in the breathing airways, which, in the sense of post-conditions such as asthma, can lead to developing respiratory problems. There is indeed a possible negative impact on the airways when the temperature of the airdrops drops quickly, even for minor changes but especially for changes greater than 5°C. This effect is most noticeable in people who have disruptive respiratory diseases like asthma. Cold air has also been linked to asthmatic airway narrowing.


People who spend more time in air-conditioned cabins have a lower tolerance for heat because their bodies struggle to adapt to warmer temperatures after spending so much time in lower temperatures. This discomfort can be uncomfortable for people who live in warm environments because they’ll have to step out into the heat during periods.


The Positive Side

Despite the issues mentioned above, the importance of air conditioning in regulating body temperature cannot be overstated. This is especially important in hot and humid tropical regions across the world, where heatstroke is a major issue during the hot season. Even though humans can adapt to warm climates, it takes a long time (likely 8 to 16 days with at least 2 hours of everyday heat exposure) and it is normal to lose heat adjustment when trying to spend a good deal of time in air-conditioned environments. Later, they will find it more difficult to adapt.

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With this, air conditioners can also help you sleep by provoking the body’s normal cooling processes in your body. Air conditioners can also reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions because allergic reactions can be resolved if the air conditioners are constrained to small spaces where the air is exchanged with the outside. Although that is contrary to what has been said earlier, there are still allergic reactions that can be eliminated through better air conditioning.


Maintaining a constant air temperature is more than just a matter of comfort. Aside from making your home feel more comfortable, the proper temperature can improve the health of people with certain conditions such as immune disorders and heart disease, as well as be used to reduce the symptoms of some possible illnesses. Preventing overheating is vital for the health of people who have respiratory or heart issues, and this is just one of the many positive health effects of air conditioning.


We’ve all heard that air conditioning systems can make us feel much more at ease at work or home, especially during the warmer temperatures and summer months. But what about the health consequences of air conditioning? Is it better to stay cool all day? As it turns out, air conditioning has some health benefits, especially if your HVAC system is well maintained. Your heating and air conditioning systems, on the other hand, can contribute to health problems in subtle ways if not properly cleaned and maintained. In summary, because the air we inhale and live in has a significant effect on health, your air conditioning system can have an unexpectedly large effect on health.

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