The Top Harrogate Places To Visit

There are many things to see in Harrogate. In this short document, we are going to look at the top must-see things located in Harrogate. These can be awesome activities to add to your wish list.


  1. I) The Turkish Baths


Known as the Town’s Status symbol, the Ornate Turkish Bath Harrogate is a place you should consider visiting. This place is a popular wellness and spa retreat.


From the beginning of the 19th century, the Turkish-style Baths were designed in a Moorish style with Islamic arches, terrazzo floors, and arabesque glazed ceilings. The cleaning ritual helps in heating, cooling, and refreshing the body, which is a perfect place for people to unwind from the challenges of the modern world.  This bathhouse runs single and mixed-sex gatherings each lasting 2 or 3 hours. Throughout the experience, you will be able to journey through steam rooms, a frigidarium, an ice-cold plunge pool, and heated chambers.


If you are looking for more intensive pampering sessions, you can choose to add facials, massages, and holistic therapies to your sessions. It is wise to prevent disappointments by booking a visit to a Bathhouse when visiting Harrogate in advance. Since Bathhouses are a major tourist attraction in Harrogate, space is limited and sells faster, especially during the peak season.

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  1. II) A Tasty Brew At Bettys Café Tea Rooms


The Bettys café Tea Rooms is an important institute like bathhouses in Harrogate. The historic tea room was founded in 1919 by a Swiss baker and Orphan known as Fritz Butzer. From that time, additional outlets have been emerging in Ilkley and York. The menu is vast, consisting of seasonal breakfasts, brunches, and main dishes fused with Swiss and British cuisines and sandwiches. Betty’s Café tea rooms offer a selection of afternoon tea selections that allows you to sample current selections of freshly baked scones, cakes, and pastries.


The best part of Betty’s Café Tea Room is the old-style fruit tea cake smeared with a thick layer of butter and taken with a pot of tea. This is simply beyond delicious. When visiting Harrogate, dining at Betty’s Tea Room should be a priority for you.


III)        A Picnic In The Valley Gardens


The Valley Gardens is a 17 acre English Heritage Grade II park listed in the gardens, parkland, and heritage monuments. The park consists of trails that crisscross through the space and enables you to trek through all major highlights easily. You can walk through the old and new Magnesia Well Pump Rooms used to serve the mineral waters. There is a New Zealand and Japanese Gardens to wander through – not forgetting the floral displays of British blooms.

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The gardens located centrally are open all year round. Moreover, it is free to visit and a budget-friendly to do in Harrogate.


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  1. IV) The Royal Pump Room Museum


The royal pump was built back in 1842, and it was built to distribute mineral water to the residents of the town. Did you know that wealthy person would travel from far to treat different conditions like epilepsy, scurvy, and skin problems?  However, after the formation of the NHS (National Health Service) back in 1948, the spa water popularity fell out of fashion. Today, the spa and space have been converted into an exhibition. This has made the Royal Pump Room Museum a place where the History of Harrogate is told and showcased.


It takes about an hour to explore the displays found in the museum. Aside from gaining knowledge about Harrogate, you will have an opportunity to sample the thermal waters for yourself. For this reason, do not forget to bring with you a bottle if you want to carry some with you to your hotel.


  1. V) The RHS Garden Harlow Carr
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The RHS Garden Harlow Carr is one of the best places to visit because it recreates the full glory of the Yorkshire landscape – as curated by the Royal Horticultural Society. The gardens have an abundance of alpine houses, woodland zones, and scented gardens full of lavender, roses, and lilies. The kitchen garden presents delicious flavours of   Yorkshire’s agriculture. There is a lot to explore, and you can easily spend the whole day roaming the gardens.


The displays and exhibits showcased at the RHS Garden Harlow Carr are transformed based on the seasons. For those that love nature, this is the top attraction in Harrogate for you. It is wise to book a ticket in advance or consider purchasing them at the attraction. On the premises, there is a Bettys Café Tea Room where you buy your teacake.


If you do not know the directions to the park or do not have private means to visit the park, you can take the X6a bus from Harrogate Bus Station to the garden. If this is not an option, you can cycle or walk through the Pine Woods and Valley Gardens.