What Is Meant By ‘Link Building’ And What Is The Best Way To Go About It?

You may have heard the term ‘link building’ thrown around a lot in the last few years, particularly in relation to your online presence and marketing strategy. A lot of importance is heaped upon this term, so if you haven’t looked into it yet, now is the time. Let’s get started…


What is ‘link building’?


When we talk about link building in this context, we are referring to the process by which you create and increase your hyperlinks (one-way links from external sites pointing to yours). Your users can navigate to your page by clicking on these links (usually highlighted so they can be recognized in blue and underlined) which can lead foot traffic straight to your door.


Link building refers to increasing both the number of links to your site, and also the quality of those links. Mainly, these links are navigated by search engines. They will travel the web going from page to page, extracting content to index and determine your ranking in their search results.


In general, having more, high-quality links will raise you up, while less links will leave you at the lower end. Since very few people scroll beyond the first page or so of Google, you know how important it is to rank highly.

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What makes a good link?


So what makes a good link? What makes one link better than another? The answer is mainly in how search engines value them, and how they can help boost you up those all-important rankings. Having more links can help, particularly when you are getting started, but if you want to build a long-lasting and comprehensive SEO strategy, you should focus on quality over quantity.


A quality backlink works as a vote of confidence in your page. It shows that you are legitimate, and that other respectable sites trust you. The top digital marketing companies in Dubai will ensure that every link they build for you enhances your reputation too. This will have a positive and demonstrable impact on your traffic and ranking.


There are risky link building strategies that could get you penalised, and others that can get you bulk links that are of low quality. These may be tempting, but high-quality links are the sustainable way to keep appearing high up in a search engine results page, and are worth the investment in time and money.


How to go about getting the best links


Now we come to actually securing these high-quality links for your webpage. There are a number of routes you can explore to achieve this, and several points to remember:

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  • Building an engaged community – a genuine community, one that interacts properly with you and each other, is far better than paying spam-like businesses to put your link in somewhere it doesn’t really belong.
  • Promote yourself properly to the right people – avoid spamming editors and people that you want to link to your site, and instead direct your enquiries to a limited number of relevant sites.
  • Always use creative and unique content – there is no point in trying to use keywords to get your links on sites if the content is poor, uninteresting or not up to quality.


Final thoughts


Link building is an established and important part of your SEO strategy, aimed at increasing your reputation and therefore ranking through search engines like Google. The sheer number of links isn’t as important as the quality of those that you build, and that’s where the expertise of the right marketing company comes in handy.


High-quality link building should play a key role in your SEO and marketing strategy, so make sure that you have chosen the right company to help your business reach the top of the results pages today.