Things to do in bethesda

10 Things To Do In Bethesda Maryland 2021

Bethesda is one of the most attractive place from the viewpoint of tourists. The reason is countless fun activities, places for exploration along with great food and lifestyle. You can create lifetime memories in Bethesda and coming along with your family and friends would be like icing on the cake.

There are many low budget and free activities also if you are not travelling on a high budget so do not worry about that. You can explore museums, visit historical places or some village areas to experience the traditional vibe of the place. Along with that there are various societies and campuses to visit to have a relaxed feeling and tasty Indian food Bethesda MD to elevate your experience.

Things to do in bethesda

Fun paid activities, which you can do in Bethesda:

1.) Listen music and attend performances

There are many events and performance hosted in the city which attract a lot of visitors. All the events are way exciting and enthusiastic. With glass walls, amazing warm light and great arrangements you can experience the music. There are halls and stages where artists come and perform and a huge seating arrangement for the comfort of the visitor. You can visit Strathmore, Bethesda blues and jazz supper club. It is a huge venue with many musical rooms, pavilions and gardens.

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Also many organizations have partnered with these halls where not only artists but also the students from various educational institutions participate. Like for example Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The National Philharmonic, and Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras. This is done to encourage the youth to pursue their career in music.

2.) Experience nature and picnic spots

Now if you want to experience the nature or are willing to celebrate a picnic along with your friends and family then you can find different parks and playgrounds areas also where you can play different sports and experience different activities like hiking, volleyball, basketball and many more such activities. 2 such parks are cabin john regional park and Shenandoah national park. Both of them offer beautiful scenery and view. In Shenandoah you can walk on the mountains, feel the beauty of climate and mountains at particular timing.

3.) Theatres and family friendly shows

There are various live shows and drama shows where you can spend your time. People from all age groups but especially youth take part in the shows. Do not worry because these are family friendly shows full of entertainment. Also the ticket prices are affordable. Apart from entertainment these shows are inspiring also which can educate the audience. All the talented people take part in the event. Some very famous and popular places are –   imagination stage, round House Theater. They organize comedy shows, magic shows, and theaters full of live performances and acting. So overall it is a good idea to invest your money and time for such shows.

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4.) Night out at beaches

There are many resorts, beaches and other hangout spots in the city which attract teens and couples too. Along with the professional life people like to chill and have a relaxing time once in a while so they prefer relaxing at a resort or a beach having beer and chilling. Beaches and resorts provide a fantastic lighting facility, exotic food and drinks along with good music for soothing experience. Apart from that there are pool parties also which have been rated 5 on 5 by the customers. These experiences come in different packages with all the facilities listed and mentioned beforehand so that you can always decide your travel.

5.) History and tradition

There are some travelers which are not in search for entertainment or fun rather they are interested in exploration and investigation. So if you are one of them you can visit museums, forts and different villages where people can make you aware about the tradition which was followed way before. There are different leftovers of different leaders of the past, their belongings and other ancient items. Some archaeologists visit the villages in search for some remains and artefacts. They are interested in getting to know about the human tradition and past culture of people so they collect samples of the past to dig deeper into the history. The most famous places to look into history are – Bethesda salt cave and kid museum, national museum of health and science, Ratner museum.

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6.) Display galleries

If you are a creative person who is interested in art, scriptures and structures then you must definitely visit an art gallery. Masterpieces of various artists have been put on display there which are admired by many visitors all around the globe. Not only that but also past photographs, jewelries of past rulers are also put on display for the people. One such very popular place is Waverly street gallery. Various items have been put up on the website also so you can check their website also before going. There are many demonstrations along with opportunities for different people to display their talent. You can have a look to their calendar of events that are supposed to happen.

7.) Restaurants and bars-, tikka masala

There are many fun places to have your meal but the most important thing is the experience you get at a place. If you are an Indian and are very fond of having home like food then there are many Indian restaurants in Bethesda which offer authentic food with good quality. However there are many restaurants like gringos and mariachis, mussel bar and grill and cava grill if you want to experience Bethesda food.

If you want to try Indian food then Tikka masala is the best Indian restaurant Bethesda md. Here you can try their non-veg and veg items according to your preference, also you can decide from their menu and look at their bestsellers. Bestsellers are the dishes which most of the people like apart from anything else. So here you can have full course meal, snacks and also sweet dishes to complete your one time meal.

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8.) Indoor skydiving experience

A sensational free falling experience where you can experience falling from a plane and skydiving. The difference is only that here you are completely safe inside a room and not in the sky. Indoor skydiving means that you are made to wear protective gear which includes helmet and goggles and a special suit. Then an instructor helps you in getting to know how it will work that is a beforehand training. After all this the wind chamber starts and you are lifted from your feet.

9.) Cruise and boat tour

There are various cruise services which take you on a ship tour for a certain period of time. Here you can enjoy different parties on the boat along with a cool sea breeze and soothing music facility. This is a great way of spending time if you want to have a relaxing time for a while. You can contact various cruise service providers and have a look at packages they provide.

10.) Attend festivals

If you really want to know the culture and people of the city then you need to engage with them and the best way to get to know them is to celebrate festivals with them. Now some of the most famous festivals of the place are – food truck and music festival, festival of color, desert drip and broccoli city festival.

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