11 Major Mistakes of Healthy Lifestyle Lovers

You eat according to the precepts of the most respected nutritionists and exercise regularly, and you think you are truly healthy. It’s like when you believe that you need to invest too much to get your income or bet a lot on this online casino New Zealand to get a jackpot. First, such statements seem right, but when you start learning about a particular topic more, you understand they are actually wrong. But we are ready to argue and tell you about the nine major mistakes that all health-lovers make.

Forcing Yourself to Like Healthy Foods

It is important, when switching to a healthy diet, to find those foods and combinations that you will really like. A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle, it is not a short-term diet, but a complete overhaul of your eating habits. If you don’t like buckwheat, eat rice, if you don’t like tomatoes, buy peppers – there is always an alternative and a choice, you shouldn’t get hung up on one thing and follow strictly the advice of nutritionists. After all, a life without pleasure is not a life, and the constant restrictions and compulsions will only lead to an inevitable breakdown.

Drinking Too Much Water

The traditional 8 glasses of water a day is only an average amount of fluid that a healthy person needs. Only an examination by a doctor and a consultation with a dietician can help you find out exactly how much fluid you need. By the way, excessive consumption of water can lead to various complications in the body as a whole, and in particular the urinary system.

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Buying Products Based Only on Their Caloric Content

This is wrong, because low fat and calorie content does not always guarantee the benefits of the products. The amount of other nutrients your body needs is also important. Also, pay attention to the composition.

Ignoring Stress

You can eat chicken and vegetable smoothies alone, but it won’t help you get healthier one bit if all you do throughout the day is stress and worry about every single thing. Overweight, insomnia, digestive problems – these are just some of the diseases that await overly nervous people. We advise at least once a week to do relaxing yoga, which will help relieve physical and nervous tension.

Taking Multivitamins

Multivitamins saturate the body with all the elements at once, while he does not always need the whole alphabet. The best option is to consult your doctor and take exactly those vitamins that your body needs. The rest is better replenished naturally with food. Vegetables, fruits, and fish will not lead to an overdose.

Living by the “No Pain, No Gain” Principle

Muscle pain is not always an indicator of a productive workout. Often it indicates injury, lack of warm-up before workout, and excessive exertion-none of which will lead to the coveted goal. Watch your body’s signals and know how to stop in time.

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Not Breaking the Rules

Don’t forget to pamper yourself, even if you are on a very strict diet. Excluding any indulgences. Long restrictions and the inability to indulge yourself with a little piece of chocolate will certainly lead to stress and nervous breakdown.

Considering Thinness Synonymous With Health

It would seem that the fashion for unnatural thinness is over and everyone has realized that there is nothing good in starvation and disproportionately small weight, but still many people continue to lead an incorrect lifestyle, a sea of ill-conceived diets and severe restrictions.

Getting Rid of the Egg Yolk

Eggs are a nutritious food, where it is the yolk that has the greatest nutritional value. So why throw it away?

Egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. It is commonly believed that cholesterol is bad. But cholesterol is an important structural component in all animal cell membranes and is necessary to maintain the structural integrity and fluidity of membranes. It also protects nerve fibers, promotes balance in digestion, and has a positive effect on the human immune system.

Egg white is rich in protein, but the yolk is just as necessary for the body. So, the best solution for the egg lover is whole.

Eating Too Often

When you break up your diet into 5-6 meals, you do not become healthier. It is commonly believed that eating small portions frequently improves the metabolism. But only the total number of calories that enter the body is counted.

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Initially, the human body was not adapted to frequent meals, and short intervals of hunger are even useful – during them the process of cell regeneration takes place.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting up 15 minutes earlier for morning exercises is a good thing, but if you start sacrificing sleep for the sake of exercise, then you have nothing to praise. Muscles need rest and recovery, and a healthy night’s sleep is just what will help relieve tension and fatigue.