Positive Client Reviews

5 Ways to Generate Positive Client Reviews for Your Business

Positive Client Reviews

To stay relevant in the business and to keep scaling it, business owners need to generate and promote positive client reviews. Positive reviews and feedback act as a catalyst to bring more business leads and help companies to form a much deeper trust among potential customers.

Whether you are a startup, or a small-sized company doing business online, having positive reviews always helps you gain more traction and sales without pushing aggressive paid advertising. If you are new to generating good reviews for your company, we have you covered. In this article, As a SEO reseller, we will check out the top five ways to generate positive client reviews that will help you grow your sales and customer base.

1. Provide exceptional service or products

The most important and fundamental thing to get right is to provide excellent-quality services or products to your clients. It is only when they are going to leave a positive review for your company. Always try to excel clients’ expectations and deliver more to leave a satisfactory remark in their minds. Whether you are into services or products, never try to cross-sell unnecessarily to make higher profits at the very beginning of the customer relationship cycle.

It’s always a smart move to help customers identify their core problems and help them with the right solutions that can bring a change in their lives. This one gesture can help companies go a long way rather than aggressively cross-selling stuff. Indeed cross-selling is important for a business to grow sales, but it’s equally important to take care of the customers’ buying psychology and their needs.

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2. Ask them for a website review

Ask your customers to leave a review for your website and tell them that you are going to feature this review on the website. Most customers or clients never hesitate to drop good and motivating reviews for you. Try to get the reviews as early as possible because, if delayed, the clients might not have the time to draft an enthusiastic review as they could give back then.

Always say to the clients that their feedback and review towards your company really matters and it helps you improve the overall ethos. Most businesses never ask for feedback and that’s the reason they don’t receive any. So, it’s always a wise move for feedback and tell them how important it is for you and your company.  The pro tip here is to keep the feedback form or the page very accessible, responsive, and fast. Otherwise, the customers will bounce off and might not leave a review.

3. Take follow up

Take follow upIf your clients didn’t reply to you the first time because of several obvious reasons or they might have caught into some priority work, it’s better to take a follow-up via email. Email clients for a follow-up regarding the review is a working tactic and most of them will never have a problem giving you their feedback. One thing you need to keep in mind is that don’t send them too many follow-up emails so that they will look spammy.

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Keep the follow-up email simple, and make sure the link is opening on all devices. It’s important because most people check emails on their phones or their tablet. It should be convenient for them to give a review seamlessly. You have to be very clear about what you want your clients to do and what you expect from them. Keeping the message clear helps you get faster responses in less time.

4. Incentives works really well

When it comes to incentives, everyone loves to receive one regardless of how big or small it is. In exchange for a good review, you can offer them a certain discount, or a goodie that they will get for free. This type of strategy makes the clients feel special and important as it shows how much you care for them and their time.

The incentive could be a discount coupon, a shout-out, or early access to a big sale. Keep the incentives simple and without terms and conditions. It is an ideal strategy for startups or businesses that are relatively new to the domain and they want to improve their authority and trust among the audience.

5. Promote the great promoters

great promoters

Reward your clients for jotting down meaningful and positive reviews and feedback for your brand. You can feature them on your website’s homepage or on social media accounts while tagging them. This gesture will instantly boost trust in the brand they will become recurring customers of your company. If someone has really given you nice feedback that has the potential to bring more leads, you should highlight the promoter.

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These were the top five ways to generate positive reviews for your business and boost sales seamlessly. Try these simple tips to grow your customer base and brand authority.