What are the best free PHP courses?

We took the opportunity to compile the best free PHP courses online to help you get started on the path of becoming a web developer. The importance of online software certifications and the quality of online educational material has been increasing rapidly ever since MOOCs started getting mainstream popularity. In any of the courses from this list you’ll learn everything from PHP basics to advanced, and even how to set up your development environment. While all of these courses are highly popular and effective in achieving their goal of making you a web developer, the  best part is that each of these courses is free.


  1. PHP tutorial by FreeCodeCamp


This huge five-hour video tutorial course will cover all the basics of PHP, taking your knowledge to an intermediate level. The full course shows you everything you’ll need to know from scratch, using practice worksheets rather than relying solely on boring lecture videos. After watching the whole thing, you’ll be able to write the code that runs websites thereby making you ready for a career in software development.


  1. GeeksforGeeks PHP tutorial


GeeksforGeeks is a repository of hundreds of free PHP tutorials, which cover a wide range of topics. The tutorial series provides an excellent introduction to the PHP language, starting from basics and slowly building up to advanced topics. The first part of the tutorial covers the basics of the language and concepts that form the foundation upon which more complex applications can be learnt. The second half deals with real-world applications. All of this is explained in simple language, with clear examples that help explain each concept.

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  1. PHP Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)


This class is perfect for the beginner level. If you’ve never programmed before, this is the perfect place to start. Join hundreds of thousands of students who have already taken this class and are now working as highly paid web developers. Some of the topics that this course deals with includes variables, arrays, functions, conditionals, debugging, embedding etc. Additionally, you’ll learn how to think like a programmer so you can better understand why things work the way they do. Numerous real-world projects are included in this course that help reinforce each concept as well as strengthen your overall coding ability.


  1. Learn-php.org Free Interactive PHP Tutorial


This is an interactive PHP tutorial. It’s structured like a series of lessons, and you’re expected to complete each one before moving on to the next. Whatever you type in, and whatever errors you make, it will show it in detail and how to fix them thereby acting as a compiler too.


  1. PHP: The Right Way


PHP: The Right Way is for intermediate to experienced developers who have been using PHP for a few years. It tells you about the best programming practices that are followed in PHP. Despite not being a beginners level course everyone should consider it.

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  1. Learn PHP with Codeacademy


Code Academy is an interactive educational resource that teaches you the basics of PHP through videos, quizzes, and coding projects. This is a 25 hours long course where you will be introduced to the fundamentals of PHP which include using and implementing variables, functions, arrays, conditions, loops and working with classes and objects.