What Should You Do After Your Invisalign Treatment Ends?

Have you just finished your Invisalign treatment? If yes, then follow the below-mentioned steps before throwing away or losing your aligners.

1. Take Pictures

First, take some pictures.

Take photos of your teeth now that you are finished with treatment. These photos can be great for showing off your new smile to friends and family, updating fellow dental professionals about your current therapies, or even as an insurance reference in the future (if they ask for one).

You might not want to keep them forever (or don’t want to spend the time), but getting a few snapshots is a good idea. Plus, if anything goes wrong after Invisalign treatment ends, these photos will help you identify which aligner style was used at particular visits or follow-up exams. That’s especially helpful when there are multiple medical centers involved in keeping track of your case.

2. Keep your Aligners

Next, keep your aligners. These pieces of removable orthodontic appliances can be expensive and take a while to replace if lost. However, they should not be thrown out after treatment ends. Instead, store them in a safe place so that you always have them on hand for future needs (such as emergencies or appointments with other dental professionals).

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3. Call Your Other Dental Providers

Also, call the other medical offices that worked on your case and let them know that you’ve finished Invisalign treatment. This will remove any confusion about what steps follow the end of Invisalign and what you need to do next.

4. Keep a Record

This document should contain the name and address of the orthodontist you saw for treatment, along with other details about your case. That record can be helpful if there is ever another medical professional involved in your oral health care needs.

5. Talk to Your Orthodontist

The most crucial step to take after finishing your Invisalign treatment is to talk to your orthodontist about any problems or questions you might have now that treatment has ended. It’s also appropriate (and recommended) for patients to schedule future appointments with their orthodontists at regular intervals even after they’ve finished treatment; that way, they can receive personal attention and proper care. In case of any issues or concerns following Invisalign treatment, you should contact your orthodontist for assistance and advice – no matter what they may be.

6. Take Care of Your Teeth

Of course, you should continue to do the best you can to keep your teeth healthy. Brush them twice a day with fluoride-free toothpaste, floss once a day, and make regular visits to an Invisalign dentist. Search for the phrase Invisalign dentist near me on a search engine and you will get a list of dentists you can visit for checkups and cleanings.

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7. Continue to Adjust

There will be some changes in your teeth following treatment. Your orthodontist may prescribe aligners for follow-up adjustments, recommend an alternative course of treatment, or suggest that you schedule future appointments at regular intervals.

8. Take it Easy

Most patients have little trouble following their Invisalign treatment plans and completing their care with few problems. The vast majority of patients achieve the results they desire after just a brief period.

9. Keep it Clean

Don’t forget to care for your aligners and appliances. This means brushing them and cleaning them regularly, just like you would with other types of dental work (braces, etc.). They should also be handled with care at all times; don’t let children play with them or toss them around. Especially, if the aligners are used by children, adults should be extra cautious, to avoid any type of pediatric dental emergencies. If an aligner is damaged or even gets a little dirty, get in touch with the staff at your orthodontic office immediately.

10. Don’t Lose Them

Ensure you always have your Invisalign aligners available for future needs (such as checkups and cleanings). If you ever find yourself without any retainers after treatment ends, contact your healthcare provider and try to secure another set right away. They are essential to your oral health, and you should always have them on hand if needed.

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11. Take Advantage of Other Services

Finally, when you’re finished with Invisalign treatment, any other services for your teeth should also be completed. This may include dental implants, bridges, or different types of oral work that help maintain proper function and health after Orthodontic treatment has ended.

In conclusion, there are several things you should do after finishing your Invisalign treatment. Contacting your orthodontist is essential, as well as any other medical professionals that worked on your case. Keeping a record can be helpful, and taking care of yourself by brushing twice daily, flossing once a day, etc., is very important. If anything goes wrong or you have any questions whatsoever, contact your orthodontist right away.

Author name– Hannah Gilbert