Herringbone Parquet Flooring

The Herringbone pattern, as the name suggests, resembles fish bones. It uses simple blockish blocks to produce amazing goods. Likewise, with a wide range of tones, home stretches and sizes ( right over to 600 mm long), we’ve got a commodity to suit everyone’s tastes.


Herringbone Parquet Flooring is the height of complication. It adds a classic and contemporary twist to any home, old or new. What is further, it’s incredibly durable, and can handle high situations of business whilst maintaining the dateless appeal of real wood.

There’s a reason it has been popular for centuries, just as the Romans!

  • In recent times, there has been a massive rejuvenescence in the fashionability of one particular type of bottom covering – herringbone parquet.


  • Herringbone parquet flooring is a type of rustic flooring that resembles fishbones, as the name suggests. The style weaves blockish blocks to produce an eye- catching mosaic design.


  • The parquet flooring style rose in fashionability during the 1600s, as a cost-effective relief for marble flooring. Thanks to its protean rates and seductive appearance, this herringbone style continues to be a popular choice in homes and businesses the world over.


  • For many, parquet is a sign of wealth. The process of installing traditional solid wood parquet flooring requires a professed handicraftsman numerous hours to install, each one a unique creation designed specifically for space.
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There are numerous reasons to choose a parquet bottom for your home or office addition.

  1. Herringbone Parquet Flooring Appearance

Herringbone parquet flooring is frequently seen by many as the height of complication, as it was originally used in stately homes and hall houses before the fashion came more extensively used.


Herringbone parquet flooring has a unique design and appearance you won’t achieve from any other type of bottom covering. Swish and dateless, parquet flooring works well in both contemporary and traditional settings, so you wo n’t need to chopstick out as trends change.


Thanks to the vision of movement given by parquet, this style of flooring is frequently chosen to make lower, and darker spaces feel lighter, lustrously and more open.


What’s more, herringbone parquet flooring can be installed in a number of different colours and home stretches, to suit your taste and congratulate you on being a home décor.


How your herringbone parquet is installed can determine how prominent or how subtle the finish is,too.


However, this can be achieved using lighter-toned wood with little graining, If you prefer a more natural look.However, statement look, conclude for amid-toned wood with lots of character that will shine through once the bottom is installed, If you prefer a bolder.

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There is a wide range of styles and home stretches available to suit utmost tastes, from soft light greys through to striking dark and textured wood.


  1. Herringbone Parquet Flooring Continuity

This style of flooring is incredibly long- lasting. A duly fitted, quality herringbone wood bottom can last you decades if you look after it.


The length of time your new herringbone parquet flooring will last depends on the type of wood you choose for your bottom, too, so precisely consider how and where your flooring will be used before opting the right material for your space.


Once your new herringbone parquet is installed, you ’ll need to look after it to insure it lasts as long as possible. Minding for your herringbone parquet flooring need n’t bring a lemon – it’s a commodity you can fluently do yourself.


Choose a quality wood canvas and buff into the grain using indirect movements. We recommend doing this once a time, and formerly every six months for high business areas (not suitable for laminate bottom coverings).

  1. Herringbone Parquet Flooring Flexibility While herringbone parquet flooring offers lots of inflexibility when it comes to design and style, there’s also a wide variety of options to consider when it comes to the material in which it’s made.
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Whether you ’re looking for an affordable parquet- style finish or a completely fitted solid wood option, there are accoutrements to suit utmost conditions and budgets.



Parquet is still one of the most popular wood flooring designs, especially in period homes with traditional/classic characteristics, high ceilings, and vast, open spaces. The use of larger parquet blocks, which perform particularly well in ultramodern open-plan living spaces, is becoming increasingly popular.