The Best Maroon Lipstick Looks You’ll Fall In Love With

Maroon lipstick has officially become the newest makeup trend of the season, and with good reason! The berry shade can be worn both casually and formally, and you can even dress it up or down depending on your outfit.

Plus, maroon lipstick looks are also extremely flattering in photos! Whether you prefer a dark maroon or a lighter hue, there are plenty of different styles to choose from – here are 10 of the best maroon lipstick looks you’ll fall in love with!

Wine Drop 20

Looking for a classic, vampy shade of lipstick? Wine Drop 20 from Faces Canada Weightless Creme Finish Lipstick is the perfect hue. It’s a deep, rich maroon that looks beautiful on all skin tones. Pair it with a smoky eye for a dramatic evening look, or keep it simple with just a swipe of mascara for a more casual look.

No matter how you wear it, this shade is sure to turn heads. Plus, Weightless Creme Finish Lipstick is formulated with moisturizing oils and butter that make your lips feel softer and smoother. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or trying to get ready quickly in the morning, there’s nothing better than having wine-colored lips!

Vampy maroon shade

A vampy maroon shade is a perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your look.  It’s edgy and daring, but not too over-the-top.

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If you’re looking for an intense red lipstick that doesn’t scream I’m trying too hard, this is your answer! There are so many different ways to wear this deep hue, and it’s such a timeless color that you can wear it year-round.

Muted matte colors

Whether you’re looking for a bold or subtle look, matte lipstick is always a good choice. And when it comes to choosing a color, maroon is a great option. It’s perfect for fall and winter and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Saturated matte colors

A matte lip is a perfect way to make a statement without being too over-the-top. The key to rocking a matte lip is all in the prep work. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated before applying any color.

Once your lips are prepped, it’s time to choose your color. For a bold look, go with a bright, saturated shade of maroon. If you’re looking for something a little more subdued, opt for a deeper, muted hue. Whatever shade you choose, make sure to apply it evenly and blot with a tissue for a long-lasting finish.


Vibrant glossy colors

If you’re looking for a maroon lipstick that will make a statement, then you need one with a glossy finish. These colors are vibrant and bold, and they’re sure to turn heads when you wear them.  MAC Ruby Woo is an iconic red-toned burgundy lip color that has been popular since it was released in 1994.

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Clinique Black Honey Pop, another very popular dark-toned lipstick, is a slightly less intense version of the same color as MAC’s ruby woo. NARS Sheer Lipstick, also a dark-toned red is not nearly as deep or as matte as MAC’s ruby woo, but it does have some shine to it which helps give the lips more dimension.

Revlon Nearly Naked Black Cherry (pictured) is an intense black cherry shade that looks great on darker skin tones and compliments the reddish tone of brown hair.

Darker, deeper shades

A classic red lip is always a good idea, and adding a touch of maroon makes it even better. This deep red shade is perfect for date night or a holiday party. For a more dramatic look, line your lips with a dark lip pencil before filling them in with maroon lipstick.

Nude colors that have a slight tint of red in them

Not only is maroon lipstick perfect for fall, but it’s also a great way to add a touch of color to your lips without going too bold. If you’re looking for the perfect nude color with a slight tint of red, check out these looks. From dark and vampy to light and natural, there’s a maroon lipstick look for everyone.

  1. For a dark and vampy look, try MAC’s Ruby Woo or Nars’ Dragon Girl.
  2. For a natural look, try ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in Brills or MAC’s Velvet Teddy.
  3. For a more orange-toned red, try NYX’s Stockholm or Nars’ Jungle Red.
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Redder shades with orange undertones

When it comes to finding the perfect red lipstick, there are so many shades to choose from. But if you’re looking for a hue that’s unique and special, then you need to check out maroon lipstick.

This color is stunning on all skin tones and it can make your eyes pop. If you’re not sure how to wear it, don’t worry!

Bright maroon colors

Whether you’re looking for a classic red lip or something a little more unique, maroon lipstick is the perfect way to make a statement.

And while they can sometimes be difficult to find in stores, luckily we have the internet and these six must-have options that will have you running to your nearest stores!

Dark and bold shades for nighttime wear

When it comes to dark and bold lipstick shades, maroon is a favorite. This rich hue looks amazing on all skin tones and can make a statement. Whether you’re looking for something dramatic or subtle, the perfect maroon lip color is waiting for you.


There’s nothing more thrilling than trying out new beauty trends, especially when it comes to lipstick colors that you may not have worn before. Maroon lipstick has become an extremely popular item in our makeup collections and one that we’re seeing appear on our favorite celebrities and street style stars alike! From the bold to the subtle, to the chic-maroon lipstick looks are standing out in the best way possible! From long-lasting matte formulas to creamy satin finishes, these are 10 of the best maroon lipstick looks you’ll fall in love with!

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