Drug Addiction

Is Drug Addiction Just A Myth? Let Us Discuss

What is addiction? Is it worth fighting it? And with what to fight, if not with her? Many experts have their own opinions about drug use and drug addiction. Many believe that much of the current knowledge and opinion about drugs and drug addiction is completely wrong. And, it is not only about the modern, dangerously wrong, concept of the war on drugs, but also about our understanding of addiction, which itself is distorted. The concept of drug addiction is no longer correct from the start. These theories may be controversial, but with an ever-growing number of countries striving to abandon the costly and unsuccessful war on drugs, the experts have found more following:

Emotional attachments

The argument on the consideration of emotional attachments is that people develop throughout their lives. All obligations have a chance to become a problem. Think of a girl who you like but who also drives you crazy. What should you do? You are not happy with her, but you are not happy without her either. Is this affection good for you or not?

Assumption 1: Our understanding of drug addiction is wrong.

While talking about the addiction to heroin and methadone, you can keep yourself away from addiction in the case of using these drugs on vacations. The experts explain how the addict came to realize the need to stop taking hard drugs by reducing his methadone intake a few days before the vacation. In short, in practice, people are pretty good at structuring their dependencies.

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Assumption number 2: Addiction is easier to overcome than we think.

The experts’ understanding about addiction lies in the first question – how true is the public opinion on drugs? The prevailing opinion is the fact that every individual must participate, must be productive in his relations with society, and, at the same time, be his own boss and be responsible in his choice. Thus, if you are busy all day with something that society considers useless and unproductive, it will be condemned and rejected by existing moral norms. In other words, emotional attachment is normal if the object of attachment is accepted by the cultural and moral foundations of society.

Dealing with a meth addict can be very difficult emotionally for you and your family. Nevertheless, there are plenty of different ways to help, the most effective being drug rehab.

If you end a serious relationship, if you part with someone, you, first of all, part with attachment, with addiction. It could well put you to bed for a few days, it could make you feel physically sick. Breaking attachments is always difficult, so you may even need help. It is not easy to put an end to the strong attachment.

The drug addiction model, in this case, the narcotic one, is the lens through which you see things. Take off your glasses obscured by addiction, and you suddenly become aware of the relationship between people and substances. The fact is, this addiction is not all that different from others just as strong. And sometimes, they cannot be destroyed without sacrificing something. But removing these glasses is very difficult. The drug addiction model fits perfectly into our existing vision of what society should look like.

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Assumption number 3: Drugs do not control a personal emotional attachment.

At this point, we can disagree with experts, arguing that drugs do cause a biochemical addiction that cannot be overcome simply by changing our view of it. If that were true, in practice, we would only get a small group of people suffering from this problem. The idea that chemical baits on hooks of these substances make them incredibly attractive is just nonsense. It does not explain why the vast majority of people do not have any problems with them. Substance does not exist in the vacuum of the neurological system. Man is more than just his brain.

Drug Addiction

Do we condemn it or not? Should we exile the addict to Siberia and label him that there is something wrong with him? This discussion is over 30 years old. Suppose I am crazy about sailing and I watch a race around the world on TV. Surely, it is not surprising if a sailing boat is what makes my heart beat faster.

What if there are people who are more susceptible to addiction? Many experts explain that in every area of life, there is a place for enthusiasts. Many people are fond of hiking, but only a few consider it necessary to climb Everest until their feet are frozen. However, if we replace hiking with drugs, we immediately call it a disease and a problem.

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Assumption No. 4: Some drugs may be bad for you.

When we ask if drugs should be banned because they are harmful to health, these experts note that society is quite tolerant of many unhealthy” things and does not criticize them like drugs. However, there is a healthy lifestyle-fascism. Maybe it is worth analyzing everything that harms our health and is not criticized, and why we are making a problem out of drugs? Some experts argue that making the wrong choice in life can be painful regardless of which one you chose. For example, buying hemp cigarette boxes can be painful for many of us. However, the reality is that hemp cigarettes are beneficial if you do not use them as an addictive drug.

As for the common misconception, that smoking weed can lead to more serious addiction. Tie up with this word addiction. It does not matter! It is all nonsense! Sex, too, was once thought to be the work of the devil. It was argued then that those who have a lot of sex at a young age cease to enjoy it later in life. It was voiced to protect young people from sex. Pseudoscience as the foundation of moral laws is as old as the world.

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Bottom Line

Is smoking weed okay as long as it does not interfere with everything else in your life? The growing-up process is partly about getting to know yourself and knowing what is important to you. It is the process of making a choice, including the wrong one. And in case you have made the wrong choice, then just deal with the consequences. Just put it on the shelves. Therefore, informing people about the problem of choice and the risks associated with it is very important for me.

The wrong thing in this regard is that many people around us consider CBD packaging boxes the boxes of addictive products. Therefore, they find it difficult to buy these products, although they know that they can extract numerous benefits while using CBD products.